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This season instead of inviting guests into her Tod’s “home,” designer Alessandra Facchinetti lead them into her private Italian garden. As anyone who has spent time in Milan knows, it takes a bit of effort and dedication to discover the hidden treasures locked away behind the doors of this concrete metropolis.

The same can be said for the collections that Facchinetti is creating at Tod’s. The designer, who transformed the show venue into a garden full of climbing plant trellis, sculpted topiary and white pebbled pathways, makes her customers work for it. The clothing in this collection might have endeavored to look easy, but there was a strong sense of intention in each perforated cotton dress, mirror punched leather skirt or botanical print suit.

Take, for example, the designer’s leather perfecto inspired jackets. They came cut into a patchwork of abstract organic shapes, or cleverly embellished with the famed Tod’s pebble sole pattern as elbow patches. They underlined most clearly how labor intensive this collection really was.

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