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It’s been a long, sunny, humid day in New York City, and a clutch of some of the world’s most influential editors and buyers are gathering at the Suno show, happily chitchatting about what they did on their summer vacations. Most are wearing breezily colorful sundresses and sandals, because forced, done-up fashion and makeup looks ridiculous in the heat. Which is exactly what Erin Beatty and Max Osterweis understand so well. There wasn’t a piece in their spring collection that couldn’t have walked right onto the street and looked completely, pleasurably, at ease in an American summer–city climate.

The designers quote two great twentieth-century women artists, Louise Bourgeois and Georgia O’Keeffe, as their inspirations—not that the intellectual provenance of the clothes needed any special justifications. The Suno sensibility is more accurately captured in what Beatty describes as clothes which are “feminized but cool.” It runs as a confident signature through everything in this collection: stripes played out on horizontal, sunbleached pastels in A-line jackets and sundresses; pinstriped collarless shirts tucked into bustier dresses; casual linen jackets over drawstring pajama pants; fluttery dresses with asymmetric handkerchief hemlines in mixed florals and checks.

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