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There seems something almost sacrilegious about sending barely clad models showing shoulders and bare legs, and some even wearing negligees, down the aisle of a church.

But it didn’t seem to disturb guests sitting in the rows of wooden seats, as if they were waiting for Sunday Service, inside the Oratoire du Louvre for the Sharon Wauchob show in Paris.

The choice of a religious setting for a fashion parade could be seen as a reflection of the rebellious spirit of the generation that inspired the collection, or an act of rebellion from a group of upstarts that eschewed authority and preferred Paganism to prayer.

Speaking backstage, Wauchob said she was inspired by the 1960s Youth-quake, especially the individuality and eccentricity it brought about in terms of style.

It was an exception for her to be inspired by an era, however.

“I am not really one for working with decades, as I don’t think women tend to say ‘I will wear that particular decade today,’” she told NowFashion.

Still, the experimentation and Vintage flavors favored at the time could be seen reflected in the light luxurious pieces.

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