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Alexa Adams and Flora Gill of Ohne Titel regularly take inspiration from the art world, and their latest offering, for spring 2015, was no different. The influence this go-round? The soft felt sculptures of Miami-based artist Bianca Pratorius, whose loosely looped swags swooped their way across the bustles and down to the hems of various pieces, in what the designers dubbed “fringe.” The idea, Adams furthered, “was a sort of cool surfer girl, but a little more chic, a little harder,” and there was a certain “hang ten” quality to some of the scuba-tight attire, whether in the form of a zip-front A-line skirt with perforated-mesh pullover (sleeves scrunched up to the elbows, of course), a mini-skort with graphic white piping, or one of those fringe-hung bodysuits, with the looser pieces of fabric corresponding to the underlying stripes, only just the slightest bit off-kilter.

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