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Misha Nonoo likes to refer to her woman as a “naughty square.” And the designer’s own naughty square tendencies were on full display at her Friday afternoon show, where she sent bearded Brooklyn artist Dustin Yellin strutting down the Spring 2015 runway—casually sipping an iced Starbucks, no less—in a halter-neck shirtdress rendered in a print based on one of his works.

It was a crowd-amusing moment, to be sure, but it also drew sharp attention to Nonoo’s collaboration with Yellin. “I’ve been inspired by many artists in the past, but this was the first time I’m actually working with one,” she said backstage. Nonoo, who met Yellin three years ago, said she was drawn to his sense of scale and texture. To help illustrate her inspiration, two of Yellin’s works—large structures made of individually painted layers of glass—were on display right outside the venue.

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