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Posted 4 years ago
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Remember your first holiday romance? Goosebumps on sun-kissed skin. The Ronettes were sweetly singing “Be My Baby” in the background, but perhaps you were too giddy to notice.

It was very easy to fall for the charms of Michael Kors today, who delivered a darling riff on 1950s summer. “It was such an unbelievably optimistic time. The world came back to life,” said Kors. His radiant take on the era was not inspired by the Parisian mode. “Ladies with poodles are definitely not Michael Kors,” he joked, but the sportier femininity of American dancer and choreographer Agnes de Mille certainly was. Joyous ballet-length skirts and flippy short dresses danced down the runway—rugged flats and kitten-heeled Jesus sandals helped maintain the carefree attitude. The midcentury silhouette was there (waists were gently nipped in with crocodile corsage belts), but with none of the heaviness. “How do you wear transparency in real life?” pondered Kors, gesturing to the appliquéd flower-strewn tulle skirts—just add a long, mannish shirt for tomboyish élan. The double cuff was inspired by those edgier prepsters who layer two shirts.

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