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French elegance was in the air at the Martin Grant Spring Summer 2015 show on Sunday. This began with the setting of an opulent gold salon in the hotel Shangri-La which once belonged to Roland, a grand nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte’s. It was the perfect backdrop for the collection which contained a touch of French classiness and femininity, despite some modern twists, like the use of shiny black plastic for the opening trench coat, or for a shirt tucked into a pair of three-quarter length trousers or for a mini which was scrunched around the model’s thighs.

Aside from a few flourishes here and there, the designs used mostly pencil silhouettes for dresses or jackets that were constructed using simple panels of material and were perhaps tied with a belt. The flourishes of material lent a more voluminous shape, like with the skirts and dresses that bloomed at the waist as if suspended with a wired petticoat.

The looks ranged from bare all to cover up in style. The most revealing was a black one-piece short suit, with a plunging neckline on the top half. At the other end of the spectrum were the more masculine coats that were made feminine with a shiny belt creating a cinched waist, and given a western flavor through a wide brimmed hat.

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