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On Wednesday, Lisa Perry, forever inspired by art, transformed her Upper East Side shop into a runway with a backdrop made to look like Vir Heroicus Sublimis, one of Barnett Newman’s most recognizable color-field paintings. (It’s currently displayed in Gallery 16 on the fourth floor of New York’s Museum of Modern Art.) “He’s one of my favorite artists ever,” Perry said after the show. “When you walk into the MoMA, it just takes your breath away.”

Perry drew from Newman’s color fields—as well as Jackson Pollock’s paint splatters—to create the collection’s prints. A bright red Newman-esque gown was paired elegantly with matching silk georgette pants, while a boxy quilted top—covered in Pollock-like splashes—was worn with a pair of red Bermuda shorts. A white boilersuit, with painterly red details at the collar and sleeves, was a collection standout.

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