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Giovanna Randall had no shortage of backstory this season. Postshow, she talked about a wealthy woman, demure and slightly icy, who meets an enigmatic “George Harrison-type” musician and leaves behind her life of order and privilege to follow him down the swingin’ rabbit hole. Sadly, he’s neither Harrison nor the bohemian bard he seems initially, and Honor’s Spring tale takes a turn for the dark as their romance disintegrates.

The show opened with a prim little powder blue coat, with scrollwork accents Randall had borrowed from ornate plaster moldings. Those were a recurring motif throughout the collection, and felt pretty heady (borderline busy) in their Technicolor incarnations later in the show, like on a floor-length number in black chiffon. Rainbow penny candy accents were particularly pretty on an array of demure, cream-colored frocks. Randall also made her first use of neoprene, which came embossed with the aforementioned flourishes and was laser cut into airy scallops that trimmed skirts.

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