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Posted 4 years ago
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Today’s set was Boulevard Chanel, a street scene immaculately re-created down to the last puddle on the asphalt and pane of glass in the apartment buildings, but when Karl Lagerfeld’s models took to that street in protest, toting feminist placards and chanting slogans, there were some in the audience who blanched at what they saw as political passion co-opted by fashion artifice, especially in light of the current events in Hong Kong. Lagerfeld said he conceived the show within 24 hours of his last epic, so today’s headlines weren’t as relevant to his concept as the manifestations—or demonstrations—that bring bits of Paris to a standstill on an almost daily basis. Taking it to the streets is a time-honored French tradition. “I thought it was fun to make a demonstration about a subject I can very well adapt to,” he said. “My mother was a feminist, and I was brought up with a history of that.”

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