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You mention Blumarine, and flowers immediately come to mind. And with flowers, a certain romanticism, which in the past has been flung in every direction, from the overtly emotional to the carnally sensual. This season, Anna Molinari, the force of nature behind the label, decided to convey pictorial atmospheres, opting, surprisingly, for a restrained tone. Restraint à la Molinari, that is. She titled the collection In Bloom, and there were flowers aplenty in the form of embellishment, appliqué, and thread embroidery. They were all colorful and tactile, but they didn’t come with a sense of déjà vu. Molinari got rid of the flaps, the frills, and vintage-y feel of the past to concentrate on neat, fast shapes, and a pervasive weightlessness. You could almost detect a sporty inspiration in the T-shirt dresses and tank tops, or the pleated miniskirts that hung on the hips; legs were prominently on display.

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