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OK, let’s just get it out of the way. Yes, Rihanna made an appearance at Adam Selman’s Spring ’15 show. Yes, she arrived after it ended. And yes, she was wearing a flirty white baby-doll dress from the new collection.

For anyone who managed to miss the sartorial shocker of the year, Adam Selman was the man behind Rihanna’s sheer crystal-covered CFDA gown. Whatever opinions you may have about Bad Gal’s nearly nude turn on the red carpet, that dress got Selman’s name into practically every paper, news broadcast, and household in the country. That’s an achievement for any fledgling talent. However, Selman is more than a pop star’s sensationalist one-trick pony, a fact he proved when he unveiled his sporty Spring range at the West Village’s Algus Greenspon Gallery. That happens to be the same location in which Selman held his inaugural presentation just one year ago—but this was not a presentation. It was Selman’s first full-fledged runway show, though he was hesitant to recognize it as a milestone. “I just want it to have the same energy and personal feel of my first two,” he said. “It’s not formal.”

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