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Posted 4 years ago
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Phillip Lim is a designer who connects with consumers. That much is clear—he’s got a booming business worldwide, and the latest sign of his commercial success is the new flagship store he’s opening tomorrow night on Great Jones Street in New York City. Lim’s niche, so far as it can be defined, is clothing that’s dead on-trend and urbane yet punchy, as opposed to moody. Beyond that, though, it’s been hard to locate a Phillip Lim signature—a design language that he uniquely owns. In recent seasons, Lim has seemed to be pushing to create such a signature by playing around with organic forms, giving a sculptural aspect to otherwise straightforwardly hip clothes. The approach has reaped him mixed rewards, but this season it worked. It probably helped that Lim was working from inspiration close to home: Indeed, his inspiration was his home, which he’s been renovating, as he explained after today’s show.

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